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Thread: The Best and cheap bluetooth headphones, Anyone?

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    The Best and cheap bluetooth headphones, Anyone?

    I currently have nokia BH503, motorola S305 and plantronics m155, Im looking for another bluetooth headset that cost lest than 100 USD, can play music and with built in mic. Suggestion anyone?

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    Hi jones,

    you can try

    Decibullz - are custom fitted to the shape of your ears so they will never hurt and never fall out. (decibullz(dot)com/shop/decibullz-headphones/new-decibullz-contour-shipping-now/)
    Motorola S10-HD - also fit right into your ears, and feature on-ear controls for volume and music playback, not to mention buttons to answer and hang up calls and pair with your smartphone.(motorola(dot)com/us/accessories-headphones-speakers/S11-HD-or-S11-Flex-HD-Wireless-Stereo-Headphones/m-S11-Combined.html)
    Yurbuds - the design avoids "nerve-sensitive areas of the ear," so you don't get that burning feeling of having something stuck in your ears too long) and sweat and water resistant, so a strenuous workout doesn't mean you have to dry out your headphones too. (yurbuds(dot)com/products/behind-the-ear/focus/)

    Hope it helps you


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