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Thread: Best noise cancelling headphones?

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    Best noise cancelling headphones?

    I really want a pair of noise cancelling headphones and the one which has caught my eye is Bose QuietComfort 3, mainly because they look so good! But the price tag is pretty hefty (£300 GBP). Was looking for suggestions for alternatives, would appreciate any ideas.

    Cheers, Julie

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    you can try

    Motorola S10-HD - also fit right into your ears, and feature on-ear controls for volume and music playback, not to mention buttons to answer and hang up calls and pair with your smartphone.(motorola(dot)com/us/accessories-headphones-speakers/S11-HD-or-S11-Flex-HD-Wireless-Stereo-Headphones/m-S11-Combined.html)

    Hope it helps

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