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Thread: Ice Storm is a 3Dmark benchmark for WIndows 8, Windows RT, Android & iOS..

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    Thumbs up Ice Storm is a 3Dmark benchmark for WIndows 8, Windows RT, Android & iOS..

    Ice Storm is a 3Dmark benchmark for Windows 8, Windows RT, Android & iOS.. but Windows Phone is not even on the radar. According the Futuremark, creators of the best/most widely used PC benchmark tests, it will only come to Windows Phone if there is enough demand for it. See the pic: (

    So it's clear that Windows Phone 8 (sorry wp7 users, but this will never happen for you) users really need to raise awareness that if you're using a wp8 device, you want to be able to compare your phones against iOS & Android devices (heck, even Windows 8 + RT devices!).

    This will be the first time a cross-platform benchmark has been made available, and it would be a shame if it never came to what is considered the 3rd big platform (again, sorry Blackberry users).

    For more information about the benchmarks read this article:
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    I'm not sure its the users that aren't raising a stink, I hear plenty of windows 8 friends complaining about lack of mobile content. But there just aren't enough of them. I love W8, but I'm sticking with Android for now simply for the online community and development. Especially with the new Blackberry coming out making a lot of noise among the business and IT crowd, I think W8 will be losing even more marketshare.

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