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Thread: iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S

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    iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S

    iPhone 5 is the latest mobile device that has created a buzz in the technical market. However, experts have criticized the poor delivery of iOS 6 Map app, its svelte frame and so on. What do you have to say about its iSight camera? Is it similar to the one you find in iPhone 4S? Well, iPhone 5 camera is an improved version of iPhone 4S.

    iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S Camera – Which is better?
    The iSight camera of iPhone 5 is an anticipated feature of this mobile device. It is true that Apple did not mention much about its camera but it surely takes pride in stating that the iSight camera of iPhone 5 has low light capacity and better HDR. It is quite surprising to see such an improved camera being crammed into a body 18% thinner than iPhone 4S.

    This integration of the camera reveals great engineering achievement since you get outstanding camera quality even from that thin body. iPhone 5 takes pride in providing vibrant picture quality which is considered to a great improvement compared to iPhone 4S. You will really be impressed to see the color accuracy of this mobile device. Majority of the photos have high grade precision and this is what makes it visibly distinct from iPhone 4S.

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    I am a Blackberry lover but I just can't wait myself from having iphone 4. Tremendous thing to have in your hand. Love it.

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    Actually I love Blackberry too. It is pretty easy to use. But IPhone 5 is my dream! Actually I heard iPhone 6 under development.

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