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Thread: Apple iPhone 5

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    Apple iPhone 5

    Anything and all talk to do with the iPhone 5, please put it in here

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    I heard a joke:
    You changed your iPhone 4s for iPhone 5 because of few centimeters?
    Pray that your girl does not do the same.
    In three words: iPhone5 - faster, thinner, smarter. You can even do nothing - it's just nice to hold.

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    I gonna buy iPhone 5. I hear that iPhone 5 is quite worse than the previous model of Apple.

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    I upgraded to a 5 because I had had my 4 for two years (longest time I have ever had one phone) and it was starting to slow down and the home button stopped working. So here I am with a brand new shiny iPhone 5 and it freezes more often than my old 4 and it constantly struggles with text messages (not making the noise, just showing a banner, then having no new text message-- and all sorts of combinations) and it's starting to irritate me!! If the iOS7 update doesn't help I will be getting a new one. Anyone having a similar problem or any advice??

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